If you don't know Polish, don't worry :-)

Here you can find some information about how to do shopping in our store.

How to buy

Follow 7 simple steps: 


 Step 1.

Choose a product that you want to buy.


Step 2.

  1.  If you want to buy more amber , click on “Kontynuuj zakupy” (continue shopping)

  2. If you want to finish your s hopping, click on “Przelicz koszyk” (count cart), and next click on “Dalej” (next)

Step 3.

Enter your personal data.


Step 4.

Choose the type of delivery. You can only choose "Shipping abroad".


Step 5.

In the field ‘Type of payment’ you can only choose “Przelew bankowy” (bank transfer)


Step 6.

Bank transfer details:


PL 08 2340 0009 1190 2100 0000 0530


(Please pay in Euros, the Bank will convert the rate.)

Step 7.

We send you your purchased products as soon as we receive your payment.

The time of delivery is about 7 days.


Enjoy your shopping!


Additional information:


1. We always send you a Certificate of Originality of our products.

2. If you own a company, you don't need to pay the tax.



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